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Mark Kent Proposes to Angela Volpe

Laurelbrook's Sabbath afternoon hike took an unexpected turn on Sabbath, July 22.  The hike that afternoon was to the Point, a rocky outcrop jutting out into a valley on the edge of the Laurelbrook property.  Sounds ordinary, doesn't it?  

Not so fast!  Mark Kent, Laurelbrook's IT person, had something else in mind. He had been getting closer and closer to his girlfriend Angela Volpe so he thought this hike just might be the proper place to move the friendship a little further along.

He arranged that Rodney Herra, a long-time staff member, take a number of the boys on a hike to the bottom of the valley beneath the Point.  They were to carry with them large letters.  A newly purchased drone (to be used for aerial views of the campus and inspection of the radio tower on Lone Mountain broadcasting Adventist programs) was to be used to take various photographs of both what was taking place on the Point and the letter-arrangements in the valley.  Finally, James Brenneman, yearbook sponsor, was to take photos of the action closer up (these photos form the basis of the gallery with this article).

The couple arrived at the Point.  The boys in the valley held up letters spelling out "Will you marry me?"  Mark got down on his knees and formally proposed.  Angela was then given the red roses that Pedro Arce, music department head, had brought along. As all this was taking place, the drone was taking various pictures of the action.

Angela Volpe was now formally Mark Kent's fiance. 

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