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13 Seniors Graduate With College-Prep Diplomas

Laurelbrook’s 2017 Commencement service began with a piano prelude by Samantha (9th grader).  The Class of 2017 (seniors) then marched in to the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance”.  E. W. Dempsey, the special weekend speaker, had the invocation. 
Rich Sutton, Laurelbrook’s president, welcomed everyone and mentioned that Laurelbrook graduations were different – no caps and gowns and more emphasis on the spiritual life. There is no emphasis on the money you make after high school but an emphasis on being a missionary to the world.  God has begun a work in you, and He will finish it.
The seniors then gave their speeches, Academy Principal Rosemarie Jeffries had a few comments, and Janelle Dietrich from Southern Adventist University presented those who qualified with scholarships.
Registrar Juanita Smith then read off the names, and Principal Jeffries gave each senior his/her college-prep diploma along with any vocational certificates each had earned. Jairit Montilla and Isaac Song then sang “In Christ Alone”.   E. W. Dempsey had the benediction.  And the 2017 Laurelbrook graduates marched out into history - and a receiving line.
Additional Comments - Personnel Other Than Students:
E.W. Dempsey – personal ministries director for the Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Graduating Seniors (picture captions will use the name associated with the senior as a student)

In addition to a high school diploma, seniors also received vocational certificates in the areas listed.

Isaac Songspent four years as a student at Laurelbrook (four-year senior) / vocational certificates in Food Service, C.N.A., Engine Repair (ASE student certification)
Yeimi Ruvit Gallegos Perez - vocational certificate for CPR
Edgar Isaac Velazquez Perez - vocational certificate in firefighting
Jairit Carolina Montilla  - completed her four high school years in three / vocational certificates in Office Procedures, Elementary Educational Assistant, Food Service, and C.N.A.
Cesar Enrique Rodriguez Aleman - vocational certificate in firefighting
Alejandrra Feria Borras - vocational certificates in CPR and C.N.A.
Keonwoo Park - vocational certificates in CPR and firefighting
Karla Fabiola Gil Rodriquez - vocational certificates in CPR and C.N.A.
Freddy Samuel Torres Flores - vocational certificate in firefighting
Allison Camila Barreto Acuna - vocational certificates in CPR and C.N.A.
Tristan Joe Stout completed his four high school years in three / vocational certificate for Environmental Services
Keren Hernandez Gonzalez - vocational certificate in CPR
Arlin Mwizerwa - vocational certificates in CPR and firefighting

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