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2016 Graduation - Commencement

The 2016 Laurelbrook Commencement service began with a piano prelude by Caleb Brown, a 2015 Laurelbrook graduate.  The graduating seniors and the junior class (the 2017 seniors) marched in to the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance”.
Mike Oxentenko, the weekend’s principal speaker, had the invocation. Rosemarie Jeffries, the incoming academy principal, welcomed everyone, translated into Spanish by Samuel Antonio Rodriguez. 
The seniors then gave their speeches:  
  • Stephany Lazo (a four-year senior) spoke on dreaming big. 
  • Elliott Ranzinger  spoke on choosing with a positive attitude. 
  • Keren Pacheco spoke on God’s planning.
  • Sheryl Barreto spoke on friendships.
  • Isai Hernandez spoke on work’s blessings. 
  • Samuel Antonio Rodriguez spoke on service to others.
  • Haniel Garcia spoke on God’s plans for success. 
  • Lorealle Moore (four-year senior) spoke on decisions .
  • Banjamin Rosette spoke on how God can change lives. 
  • Kazumbe Ngoye  spoke on team work experiences. 
  • Jessica Kim  spoke on God’s changes for her here. 
  • Dave Laluyan spoke on characteristics for success. 
  • Erica Hanna spoke on memories at LBA.
Finishing up the speeches, Heidi Oxentenko (four-year senior) spoke on God’s plans and how her class is like a cake from the table (her) to bottom layer (four year seniors), top layer those here for two years to the newest seniors as the frosting on the cake. 
Then Mark Kent, Laurelbrook’s new IT specialist, sang and played “Find Us Faithful”.  Dottie Jones, the outgoing academy principal, had a few comments about remembering the peace and security they’ve had at Laurelbrook with God.  When she finished, the seniors swarmed around her to hug her.
Ryan Becker from Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee, presented various students with university merit-based scholarships; two students received scholarships from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan.  Dottie Jones presented each of the seniors with a diploma or certificate; Juanita Smith, the academy registrar, read off the names.
Mike Oxentenko, a Maryland pastor, had the benediction, Rosemarie Jeffries introduced the next class of seniors (2017), and the newly-minted graduates marched out to a recessional played by Caleb Brown and received the congratulations of the audience in a line just outside the auditorium.

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