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The Smiths Have Sabbath School

Sabbath services on May 21, 2016 began with a song service led by Wendy Carr, accompanied on the piano by Mark Kent. The opening song was “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”.  

Juanita Smith read a mission story from New Zealand. She then called for the Laurelbrook Missions Offering, which was collected by Isai and Haniel (seniors).  Mark Kent then played a piano solo for special music.

David Smith then had a theme talk on the problems King Jehoshaphat had when other nations invaded Judah. But the Lord helped them by causing the invading nations to fight each other.  All the Jews had to do was pick up the loot that was useful and praise the Lord.
The congregation then broke up into two Sabbath School classes – an adult Sabbath School class in the sanctuary taught by James Brenneman and a student class in the back of the sanctuary “behind the glass” taught by Scott Sterling.
Personnel Other Than Students:

David Smith – helps the Laurelbrook Nursing Home by transporting people to medical appointments / tutors students
James Brenneman – teaches the academy history and government classes and some of the English classes / works with the grounds department / today was his 70th birthday
Juanita Smith – academy registrar / wife of David Smith
Mark Kent – Laurelbrook’s IT person
Scott Sterling - works with Laurelbrook IT department / teaches two academy science classes
Wendy Carr – works in the Laurelbrook Nursing Home office / wife of Rick Carr, who works with purchasing and the fire department
Note: this article is not as detailed as usual because Microsoft elected to upgrade my laptop as I was preparing to use to write this Sabbath School article.
The academy choir was away giving concerts so there were about ten academy students present.

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