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Class of 1996 Has Sabbath School Program

Amid the chilly temperatures of a mountain morning, the 2016 Alumni Weekend Sabbath services began with a Sabbath School program put on by the Class of 1996. Rob Edney began the program by leading a song service, accompanied by Melinda Pauls (Class of 1988 and alumni co-president) on the piano and various people on various instruments.

He related that one time he was in a job where he was required to work on Sabbaths. He managed to trade with someone else for the first four years on the job. Then the human resources person had him fill out a form to send to headquarters.  The result was that Rob was able to get both Fridays and Sabbaths off.

The opening song was “In a Little While We’re Going Home”. Jill Brittain Hope had prayer and read the scripture reading.  Sarah Ramoly Edney welcomed everyone and reminded everyone that this class witnessed the closing the dairy and the placing of the gazebo in the circle. 

David Fournier related a personal mission story about going down a dark road in Tanzania with a flashlight serving as a headlight. His cousin had him turn off his flashlight and turned the little headlamp off as well.  His cousin mentioned that a police blockade ahead (extortion problems?) and turned off the motor. The motorbike glided down a downward grade and glided right through the police.  The two got home that night safe and sound despite the foolishness of the two. David was there looking for reasons for his life and went to do mission projects there as well.  He looked beyond his comfort zone.  He went back to school and got back to work. Today he looks for people who want to further God’s Kingdom in their lives.

Two alumni children collected the Laurelbrook Missions Offering, which helps students and staff members go on mission trips. Then the Laurelbrook Academy Choir under the direction of Pedro Arce sang “Emmanuel, Come Soon”, accompanied by Samantha (elementary) on the piano.

Pastor Ted Struntz taught the lesson study and had closing prayer. Then there was a 15-minute intermission. After the intermission, Sharon and Ron Oxentenko presented the honor classes, and the congregation sang the Laurelbrook school song.

Following are some notes from Pastor Struntz’s presentation:
  1. The reason for going on mission trips is to spread God’s Word everywhere.
  2. Jesus came to save those like those in His lineage who were desperate sinners.
  3. As Matthew starts looking for despised people in Christ’s lineage, we need to remember that Matthew was a despised person himself, a Roman tax collector.
  4. Jesus connected each person to something greater than himself/herself.
  5. 1 John 3 tells us that God shows His love for us by telling us sinners that we will be called the sons of God.
  6. How should this change our attitudes toward each other and toward mission service?
  7. We are in the royal line of God; we should have a good image because we are children of God.
  8. There were flaws in Jesus’ genealogy – Tamar, who tricked Judah into giving her children; Rahab, a prostitute who threw her lot in with the people of God; Ruth, who joined the people of God even though she was a heathen Moabite.
  9. Jesus wants us to realize our intense value to Him and wants us to look at what people do that are similar to what we are, not different.  All of us are sinners in desperate need of God.
  10. One of the ways we invalidate the Word of God is to say that it is prejudiced.  But God disliked sin but loves us. He is prejudiced and has standards.
  11. Too many times we find reasons why certain people cannot be a part of God’s family, but we need to find ways to connect people.
  12. We have nothing to recommend us to God, but Jesus cures our helpless condition by connecting us again to God.
  13. We should all join in mission service to bring those we know into a right connection with God.
  14. God loves sinners.

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