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2015 Graduation Starts With Consecration

The 2015 Graduation Weekend started, as most Laurelbrook commencements have, with a consecration service Friday evening beginning at 8:00 p.m. in the academy auditorium. Consecration began with an introit by Min Sterling (wife of Scott Sterling, one of the science and math teachers) and Cheyna Ashe (one of the girls’ deans). There followed a song service led by Cheyna Ashe and Lucas Johnson, the boys’ dean.  The opening song was “Be Thou My Vision”.

Rich Sutton, Laurelbrook’s president, had the invocation, and Dottie Jones, Laurelbrook Academy principal, the welcome.  The five seniors then paid tribute to their parents, grandparents, and friends by pinning flowers on them and reading a prepared tribute recalling the good and bad times in their relationships with each other.  Caleb (senior) then played “My Tribute” on the piano for special music.

Shawn Craig from Wildwood Lifestyle Center in Wildwood, Georgia then gave the consecration address titled “First Things First”.   The senior class then responded, each one lighting a candle at the end of his/her remarks.  The seniors, candles in hand, gathered to the left of the platform, the house lights were dimmed, and Shawn Craig had a consecration prayer. 

The seniors sang “Go Light Your World” and marched out, lighting the candles of the juniors as they did so.  The program ended with a recessional by Min Sterling.

Following are a few notes from Shawn Craig’s consecration address:
  1. Sometimes young people laugh at how their parents dressed when they were teens, but if they were to look at pictures of their teen years, it would be just as funny.
  2. What advice would you give yourself if you stand in heaven on the brink of eternity?
  3. Ellen White, Desire of Ages says that God never leads His children into a place that we would not chose to go if we had the same insights He has.
  4. Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”
  5. Note the context beginning with Verse 19 - “19 ¶ Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:”
  6. Plan for heaven, not for the world.
  7. Our treasures here can be taken on this world.  But put your treasures where people cannot taken them from you.
  8. Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
  9. Why does God devote so much time to people on this earth? The things that happen in time echo in eternity. What you do today has a huge effect on eternity.
  10. Matthew 6:25 “Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?”
  11. Matthew 6:27-29 “27 Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? 28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: 29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”
  12. Don’t think about things on this earth but things in heaven.
  13. Matthew 6:30-33 “30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, [shall he] not much more [clothe] you, O ye of little faith? 31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? 32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. 33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”
  14. Focus first on God’s kingdom – and your temporal things will be provided.
  15. Ellen White, Messages to Young People, p. 36 – there is nothing wrong with having high aspirations, but aim high and spare no pains to reach the standard.
  16. What about Daniel, a very high politician? 
  17. Seek first God’s kingdom, and then God may call you to high aspirations.  Do what God is calling you to do.

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