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Sharon Oxentenko Talks About Mary at Simon's Feast

Sabbath services on May 9, 2015 began with an introit by Beth Brandt on the piano.  There followed a song service led by Alexis (9th grader), Heidi (junior), Abby (junior), and Kamia (9th grader), accompanied on the piano by Beth Brandt. The opening song was “I Will Sing of Jesus’ Love”.  

Isaac (sophomore) had the opening prayer and read John 12:3 “Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair: and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment” and Psalm 72:19 “And blessed [be] his glorious name for ever: and let the whole earth be filled [with] his glory; Amen, and Amen.” Sharon Oxentenko welcomed everyone.

Heidi (junior) read a mission report from Japan. A worker from Ecuador had encountered Seventh-day Adventists in her home country.  The family moved to Japan and worked in manufacturing.  She encountered Adventists again and accepted the message.  Her co-workers weren’t happy with her decision to keep the Sabbath, but her employers backed her decision.  Other immigrants from South America have also accepted the truth in Japan.

Heidi then called for the Laurelbrook Missions Offering, which helps students and staff members go on mission trips; it was collected by Elliott and Eric (juniors).  JD (9th grader), the girls’ deans, and Polina (9th grader) then had special music, singing about the alabaster box Mary used.

Sharon Oxentenko had the superintendent’s remarks on taking the gospel to the world and had closing prayer.  The congregation then became two Sabbath School classes, an adult class taught by Elizabeth Castle in the church sanctuary and a student class taught by Rich Sutton and Bob Gustafson “behind the glass” in the church on the subject of women in the ministry of Christ.
Following are a few notes from the theme talk by Sharon Oxentenko: 
  1. Simon, a Pharisee, invited Jesus to his house for dinner.  Mary, Lazarus’ sister, anointed Jesus’ feet, an act Simon (and Judas) objected to.
  2. Simon had been a leper; he had been healed by Jesus.  He had led Mary into sin and was a relative of hers.
  3. Mary had heard Jesus speak about His approaching death and believed what He said. Mary wanted to honor Jesus and had purchased the ointment with great personal sacrifice.
  4. The next day Jesus would have His triumphal entry into Jerusalem.
  5. The ointment was a symbol of the heart of the giver and of the heart of Jesus.
  6. Mary had had seven demons cast out of her seven different times.  She understood Jesus’ love because many times she had failed to keep ahold of Jesus and His power.
  7. Jesus told the group to let Mary alone because she had done a good work out of love.
  8. All around us are people who need our love and encouragement. It would be nice to say or do something kind to them before some sickness or problem takes them away from us.
  9. Spikenard means love or friendship and reliance upon God for salvation.
  10. The fragrance filled the room the way Jesus’ glory will fill a room or the whole earth one day.
  11. It was predicted that wherever the gospel is preached, Mary’s act would be known.
Personnel Other Than Students:
Beth Brandt – wife of Clayton Brandt, who deals with Laurelbrook’s heavy equipment
Bob Gustafson – men’s work coordinator / local church elder
Elizabeth Castle – Laurelbrook church’s personal ministries director / works in the Laurelbrook Nursing Home
Rich Sutton – Laurelbrook president
Sharon Oxentenko – wife of Ron Oxentenko, Laurelbrook business manager

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