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Duwayna Downing Discusses Forgiveness

Sabbath services on April 25, 2015 began with an introit by Jacqualine Miller on the piano.  There followed a song service led by Polina and JD (9th graders), accompanied on the piano by Jacqualine Miller. Duwayna Downing welcomed everyone. The opening song was “For Our Sins as We Forgive”.  

Barry Snyder read 1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us [our] sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”  He then had opening prayer.

Elizabeth Castle read a mission story from Mongolia. A young Mongolian girl who was a university student thought about leaving the church because she felt she had lost her Christian experience while at university.  Her pastor asked her to join the Golden Angels, an elite Adventist singing group that sang across the division.  She told God she would if her parents (not Christians) and teachers agreed.  She joined the group and struggled through the difficult practices. During an evangelistic series in Mongolia where the group sang, her mother joined the church.  She graduated and is now the teacher in the first Adventist elementary school in the country.

Duwayna Downing then discussed forgiveness. It is hard because all sorts of things can trigger hurts from the past. People seek things to be a comfort to them, including candy bars. It is sometimes helpful to talk to another person, but the only way to completely heal a hurt is to seek help from the Lord.  Then they can forgive themselves. Forgiveness is an independent act between the person who was hurt and God.
Alexis and Laiken (9th graders) collected the Laurelbrook Missions Offering, which helps pay the expenses of Laurelbrook-sponsored mission trips.  Duwayna Downing had closing prayer.  The congregation then became two Sabbath School classes, one taught by Rich Sutton in the church sanctuary and one taught by Rick Carr in the boys dorm lobby nearby.
Personnel Other Than Students:
Barry Snyder – works with the Laurelbrook farm
Duwayne Downing – activities leader for the Laurelbrook Nursing Home
Elizabeth Castle – works in the Laurelbrook Nursing Home
Rich Sutton – Laurelbrook president
Rick Carr – Laurelbrook fire chief / works with the Laurelbrook purchasing department

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