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Robert Zollinger Discusses Elisha

The church service in the Laurelbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church on July 19, 2014 began with an introit by Jacqualine Miller on the piano, followed by the announcements by Rodney Herra.  Activities this afternoon will be in the academy auditorium at 2:30. The potluck after the church service will be in the picnic pavilion.
Robert Zollinger had the invocation.  The congregation then sang “I Gave My Life for Thee”, accompanied by Jacqualine Miller on the piano. Rodney Herra then had the Morning Prayer; the congregation sang “Hear Our Prayer”, accompanied by Jacqualine Miller on the piano. TJ (9th grader) and Alec (junior) then collected the morning offerings; the loose offering went to the local church budget.  The congregation sang the doxology, and Robert Zollinger prayed for the offering. 
Ron Oxentenko told the children present a story about a lady who told a business conference a story of two third graders.  These two didn’t like each other. One told her grade school classmates that she was going to have her favorite sandwiches – peanut butter and jelly.  But when she opened her lunch box she found mud throughout her sandwiches.  So her friends vandalized her rival’s bike. One day the one girl cut the other’s pretty dress.  Then the next day the other girl complimented her rival on her dress.  The other girl eventually became friends with her rival. The lady wanted to meet the other girl to find out why she had changed.

Sarah (senior) played “I Come to the Garden Alone” on her violin, accompanied by Jairit (9th grader) on the piano. Rodney Herra read Luke 9:62 “And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”
Robert Zollinger discussed the topic “Put Your Hand to the Plow and Not Look Back”. The congregation sang “I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go”.   Rodney Herra had the closing prayer.

Personnel Other Than Students:
Jacqualine Miller – nurse living on the Laurelbrook property
Robert Zollinger – retired Laurelbrook president and board chairman
Rodney Herra – works for nearby Majestic Stone Company / scheduled to teach students auto body work during the 2015 school year / local church elder
Ron Oxentenko – Laurelbrook’s business manager
Following are some notes on the sermon by Robert Zollinger: 
  1. Elisha received his training out in nature for useful work.
  2. We can every day find out what God wants us to do. This is the way Elisha found out what God wanted by doing the work that lay nearest to him.
  3. He was also of a quiet and gentle spirit, not rowdy. He was also energetic, getting in and helping with whatever work lay at hand. He also had integrity, doing whatever it was that he said he would do.  He also had fidelity.
  4. Cooperating with authority prepares us for use to God.
  5. When Elisha was called, he was dealing with a yoke of oxen, taking last place in the field work. 12 teams plowed, and Elisha dealt with the last team. If he had stayed on the farm, he eventually would have been directing the first team of oxen and in charge.
  6. No one can really entirely know God’s purposes, but faithfulness in little things prepares us for God’s bigger things.
  7. Many who are not directly connected with religious work don’t make use of the little opportunities that God gives them, thus missing the larger responsibilities and opportunities that God has for them.
  8. These people lose sight of the missed opportunities to make life better for other people.
  9. While he was plowing, the prophetic call came to Elisha. When the opportunity came, Elisha recognized that call had come and took it.  He was destined to raise the dead and do all the other work that Jesus did.
  10. Note that Elisha never ever looked back. He left a beloved and wealthy home for an uncertain life.
  11. Everyone gets this type of call, a call to place all on the altar of service. God wants us to be willing to do whatever He wants us to do, to allow no day to pass without service to God through willing work or money.
  12. Not everyone is called to work in the garden or the nursing home (for example), but there are some who given these calls.
  13. Elisha was willing to do anything he was asked to do. While working with Elijah, he continued to deal with the little things.
  14. At times he had to deal with homesickness, but he relied on God to help him overcome these feelings.
  15. For 10-12 years Elisha was the personal assistant for Elijah.
  16. Note that preaching is far more than just preaching; it means training young people for larger work. One of the most noble works we have at Laurelbrook is to train young people for specific training for God’s Work.
  17. During the Loud Cry at the end of time, people will be called from everyday occupations to do work for God. But we can start the process here at Laurelbrook.
  18. Do we teach young people to be loyal to the principles we have been given? These young people have a privilege of being loyal to God rather than to the world that will be destroyed.
  19. As we near the end of time, school work must be come simpler and simpler.
  20. This is the story of Elisha.  Eventually he trained others. Don’t put your hand to the plow and then turn back. These people are not fit to be members of Christ’s people. 

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